I am the one

I am one the one you will come to know, I was there when you were born where you were just an infant so happy and so joyful, but soon you will grow into something spiteful, you will grow old and you will die, I am the one you will fear and you will hide, I will be there when you are done, whether your life will be fast or slow, I will be there, but not just for show, I will look into your soul, and see where your life has led you, and I will be the one to decide whether you go to heaven or hell, I am the grim reaper, I have knocked god’s off their thrones and sent the mighty to their doom, so do not think for a second I will not come for you too. I am not your friend, and I am not your pal, I am the one to be there, when your story has come to an end, you cannot bribe me with your mortal treasures, so do not waste your time, I will take your life whether you lived it low, or you lived it high, whether you were brave or you were shy, I will be there, for that is my curse, to live forever without a friend and without love, I am the grim reaper, and I am not your friend, I am the one, and I will be your end.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019