Hitting the Soccer Field

by Braxton Troutman


I pull up my socks then lace up the cleats on my feet.

I hit the field as I listen to my heart beat.


I look at the stands and hear the roar of the crowd.

Look to my friends and family who must feel oh so proud.


As I look across the field, the opposing team looks tough and ready.

I know they cannot stop me if I stay fast and steady.


We shake their hands and take our positions.

Waiting for the refs whistle knowing we are on a mission.


The whistle blows! and we pressure the ball.

This is the time we realize we either brawl or fall.


The ball is worked around the field as we look for the open man.

Doing what our coach says we stick to the game plan.


The ball is cleared from the back and we are now in  the run.

The forwards explode up like the release of a gun.


Our player runs up onto the ball and beats the defense who was much weaker.

The only thing to do now was get the ball past the goalkeeper.


Our teammate shoots and his shot is as fast as a cheetah

It happened so fast it looked like a move out of FIFA.


The goalie tries to save it but the ball was already in the net.

We realize were in control as we look down at our legs full of sweat.


The game went on and we didn’t let them score any goals or give them anything

The ref ended the game and we realized that we beat them and were better at everything


Our coach says we played good but there’s always room to get better.

As he speaks to us the fans cheer JHS letter by letter.


We pack up our bags and head for the parking lot.

People congratulate us for the hard we game we had just fought.


As I get home I put my cleats on the rack and my green stained socks in the washer.

I take a shower, brush my teeth and go to bed knowing I won the beautiful game of soccer.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019