Hazel and Noelle Give Advice

by Hazel Dickey and Noelle Gray

Question: How to deal with rude people. ie: people getting mad for not doing something to their standards. The other day I was in class and we had a project to do, I met the requirements, but I got feedback that shattered my academic heart. My teacher said it was terrible, I did not do it how they wanted, even though I completed the requirements.

Hazel: If you followed the rubric then there should be no reason to get points taken off that I can think of. I’m going to assume you did not meet the requirements, but you just think you did because of your bias towards your own work. But, if you truly feel you did in fact follow the guidelines then you should try to talk to your teacher.

Noelle: Your academic heart will heal. Everyone gets one of those teachers who totally disregards the awesomeness of one’s work. It’ll be okay.

Q: How do I deal with school while trying to have social life, instead of living on the interwebs and doing massive amounts of homework?

H: I would try getting together with a peer that has the same homework as you, and the two of you could do your homework together. By doing this you could become friends and do homework all at the same time.

N: Try to plan things with your friends, and schedule your homework so maybe you don’t have to do it when you just get home. I know it’s hard to do your homework, especially when you have a lot of it. But if you stay consistent and do your homework at the same time each night, it’ll make it a little easier and more routine.

Q: How do I decide which college to go to?

H: Get a spreadsheet of all the different colleges you’re thinking of and do ennie mennie.

N: You should list the pros and cons of each college that you are considering. Surely, the answer will make itself clear.

Q: How can I prevent getting nervous while talking to the person I like.

H: Perhaps keep a small rock or coin in your pocket and whenever you are interacting with your crush pull it out and rub it. This may ease some of the tension you made up in your head.

N: Try to focus on what they’re saying instead of their face, especially if this person is cute. Try not to look at them for long periods of time because you’ll just get flustered. Stay calm and cool and you’ll be okay!

Q: Can you give me some movie advice?

H: If there’s not a particular movie I want to see at a certain time, but I still want to go to a movie I always like to check out rottentomatoes to see what movies are getting good reviews.

N: Follow your instincts! If a movie looks good to you, it probably is- unless you know that you can’t trust your gut. And never ever go see a movie alone! Go with your friends and that’ll turn any bad movie into a great one.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019