Poem: Hard Hits

by Adriana Westbrook


Cold and lonely,

Warm and homely.

His soft touch makes you shiver,

But the raise of his fist makes you quiver

He is often nice and gentle,

But when he’s mad, his actions are “accidental.”

Then he’ll make you feel woke,

But one wrong word and you’ll get choked.

Don’t underestimate those big blue eyes,

In a short time you will begin to cry.

You thought it was nice at first,

But you’re hating all these random outbursts.

You used to feel fun and bold

But in a few months you began to feel cold.

It’s like nothing is the same,

But you can’t resist the way he calls out your name.

Each time it gets worse and worse,

Until one day you’ll end up in a hearse.

He was supposed to be the one you could save to tell,

Now he’s headed straight to hell.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019