Halloween Unbreaking

By Aaliyah Netherton

The leaves turn to ash, the animals go astray, all know it’s coming┬álike a flash,┬ábut just take it day by day.

Charlie Brown plays on the TV, candy corns laying around the house, the aroma of sweet candles comes and goes quickly, as if it were a mouse.

Ghosts and goblins knock on your door, screaming and begging for sweets. Whoops, you’re all out, nothing else more, better go get some more treats.

Pretty princesses and young girls skipping, stealing your heart in a whole. Candy is flying, and candy is flipping. Uh Oh- no more candy in your bowl.

Apples with needles in the core. Reese’s laced with arsenic. Ages varying as young as four, showing you they’re way more than toxic.

Wives tales once were lore, but became true at a prick. Greedy children asking for more, not just sugar anymore that’s making them sick.

November 1st hearts will be sore, wallowing from such a trick, but when you knock on the devil’s door, you’ll be hearing nothing more than a crick.

Back into your house, turn off the lights, don’t worry my young one, you have until next Halloween Night!



Jeffersonville High School, 2019