God’s Little Haven

By Salena Limon

Meet a little girl name Haven.

She’s not exactly little, she’s just little in my eyes.

All of my children are little precious jewels of course.

But, we are focusing on one in particular,

May her very existence fly high as a raven.


Her mother and father never married,

So she’s only a mommy’s girl.

Even though she sees her father,

One thing is that will never go away…

It’s the absence of him that pain in her heart is being carried.


Although her heart is always beating with love and care,

She thinks about others first instead of herself.

She wipes away tears of others and also fear,

She will even give her life to save another.

That is bravery that not all people can compare.


But the one thing that won’t be shaken,

Is that she fights her demons.

No matter how hard and painful

Her scars on her heart represent that battles she’s won

She’s my little angel named Haven.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019