Fiction: Getting Away


by Kayla Broy

All Sarah wanted was to graduate early and get away from her boring town. But her mother wouldn’t let her no matter how hard Sarah tried her mom wouldn’t sign the sleep to let Sarah graduate early. Her mother kept coming up with reasons that she couldn’t sign the paper she was alway busy doing something. Well at least her excuses made her seem busy all the time.   She is a junior in high school and all she wants to do is graduate and go to college so she can get away from her town. She lives in the middle of nowhere.


Mom eventually you are going to have to let me go, ever since dad left you have been keeping me so close I understand that I am all you have. But you can’t hold onto me forever I need to grow up and move out eventually. I will come see you as much as possible i’m not just going to leave you hanging and all alone. I will come back for you mom I just need a life of my own whether you sign that paper or not i’m graduating next year. You will have to let me go but it’s better now rather than later because I will be able to start my life and get a jump start at my career a year earlier.


Darling it’s not that I don’t want you growing up and getting out. I don’t want you leaving me I don’t and I admit that. I just don’t want you missing out on Senior prom and walking with your class. There is a lot that you will miss out on. Seniors have a lot of activities but it’s not really fun unless you get to do it with your class, and your friends. It’s more of a life long memory that you will remember longer and better if you get to do it with people you actually care about. I don’t want you to miss out on all the opportunities to make more memories with your friends. Don’t grow up too fast honey.


Mom I know and I don’t really want to miss out on those memories either but my career and life are so much more important to get started on. After high school I won’t communicate with half of the people I do now we will all go our separate ways. Half of them won’t make anything of himself/herself  in life and half of them will reach the goals they set for himself/herself. I want to be one of those few people that will reach their goals and make it somewhere in life.  I don’t just want to give up what I have worked so hard to do for myself. I want to make a good life for myself.


Darling I know and your dad was one of those few people that dropped out and missed out on so many good memories. I’m not signing the papers and don’t try to contact your dad at all because I will make sure to let him know that he is not to sign the papers either. He regrets dropping out and missing out on every single memory. He missed out on all the fun things the seniors did, his friends would text him and tell him after school about all the fun things they get to do and he couldn’t take back his decision. I will not let you make that mistake.
Mom it won’t be a mistake I promise you that. I just want to get a jump start on my career and start making more money as soon as I possibly can. The sooner I can start college the sooner I can make money and be able to help support you. Sarah I will sign the paper but you don’t have to graduate early if you decide not to. I just don’t want you missing out on the memories. Mom I will still get to do the activities I know they won’t mean as much without my friends but I will still get to do them. But I need to get away from here these people are toxic they all just want to give up.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019