Fred the shark

by Audreanna Nesmith

I: The Argument

Once upon a time there was this shark that lived in boat that suck 50 years ago. He also lived with his best friend Thomas. Him and Fred are really close and never fought before. One day,Fred got really tired of having really flat teeth. He finally decided to get a sharp teeth replacement. His friend Thomas kept telling him that he likes Fred just the way he is. Fred wasn’t going to listen to what Thomas was saying. Instead,he got mad and called him a poopie head. After that,Thomas got really fed up and angry at Fred so he went to live at his mother’s boat.


II: Heading off to the Dentist

After that argument that they had,he left his boat to cross the whole othion to get to the dentist.” I really miss Thomas”. ”I hope he’s ok”.  “I hope he doesn’t get eaten by another shark”. With him worrying a lot about Thomas, each time,he feels really bad for going off on him and calling him a poopie head. ”I really should’ve said thanks and left it alone”.


III: In the Middle of the Dangerous Sea

Now that he’s in the middle of the sea,he’s now regretting his journey. ”Gosh,i’m really scared right now. ”I should’ve stayed home and forgotten about my teeth replacement”. Up ahead,he sees the jelly fish field. Even tho Fred was bigger than the jellyfish,he was still scared because they could shock him and he could die or get injured. While swimming through the jellyfish,he was thinking to himself,”Don’t die,don’t touch the jelly”. After 5 minutes,he got through the jellyfish side. On the end of that,there was Thomas with his mom taking a swim.


IV: Getting Together for the Journey

When they seen each other again,they were still mad at each other,but Fred was really relieved that Thomas was ok and not dead. ”Thomas”! ”Hi Fred”He said with a sigh. ”I’m really sorry for the way I reacted”. ”I should’ve listened to you”. ”Will you ever forgive me”? ”I guess I could”. ”I’m also sorry for talking to you about how I felt. ”Whatever makes you feel better about yourself,i’m happy”. ”For now on,i’m going to support whatever you want to do. ”After they apologized,they hugged and said sorry to each other. Eventually,Thomas decided to join him with Fred. ”I’ll be back mom”. ”Ok sweetie and be super careful you two”. ”Ok mom,we will”. ”Love you Tomas” .”Love you too mom”.


V: Getting into Trouble Together

After they left the jelly fish field,they began the journey together. ”Thanks for coming with me Tomas,i’m glad you did”. ”You’re welcome Fred,I would do anything for you”. ”Same here,Tomas”. Wush! Wush! What the bunker was that? Said both of them at the same time. Ahead of them they see a dolphin swimming through the sea. In 10 seconds,the dolphin was in front of them both. ”Swim away”.Both Thomas and Fred swam away as fast as they could. After 1 minute,they now see a stingray. They didn’t have to swim away this time because the stingray was sleeping. If they woke the ray up,they would most likely get shocked to death. ”What’s the plan,Tomas”? ”Maybe if we quietly swim far above him,he won’t hear us. ”Cool,I could use some fresh air anyway”. Before they could do their plan,the ray woke up. He seen Fred and Thomas. But thank god,he was to lazy to attack them.


VI: Dentist Office

So after one day of swimming around danger,they finally arrived to the dentist office!! They walked in and got back right away. With Tomas in the waiting room,and Fred in the operating room. Fred told the dentist what he wanted done. The dentist said ok. About 1 hour after that,Fred woke up with sharp teeth!! ”Awesome”” They look so cool and they feel cool too”! ”Your welcome Fred.”Hope you’ll enjoy them”. ”Have a nice day”. Then,Fred walked out to the waiting room where Thomas has been waiting. ”Oh my gosh,they look amazing on you Fred”!!!!! ”Thanks”” I’m now super super happy””I’m glad you are”.


VII: Returning Home

When they got back from their journey,Thomas’s mom was there waiting for them. It even looked like she set a party up for them. But mostly for Fred to make him even more happier. At the end of the party table,they see their favorite snack!! ”Blood cookies and blood aid”!! ”Thanks mom””Thanks Mrs.Mary”. ”Your welcome guys. ””Your teeth look really good Fred”. ”Thanks”. So after they got done partying,they all went home to go to sleep. When Fred woke up,Thomas was next to him.  ”Oh,hi Thomas”.  “Hi Fred”.  “Are you feeling ok”?  “Yes,thanks for asking”. ”Do you want to play a game”?  “Sure,what game”?  “I want to play shark chase”. “Ok,sounds fun”.


VIII: Playing Shark Chase

While they were playing shark case,Fred accidentally cut Thomas with his sharp teeth. ”Ohch”! ”I’m so sorry Thomas,are you ok?” “I’m not for sure,but it’s ok,I know it was a accident”.”I need to learn how to work these new teeth of mine”. “If you want,I can teach you.” “Thanks Tomas!” “You’re welcome Fred.Anything for you”. Two minutes after that,Toma’s arm started to bleed.Tomas had to rush to his mom to get it taken care of. “Gosh,what happened sweetie,are you feeling ok”. “Yes,mom,i’m ok,we were just playing and Fred accidentally cut me with his new teeth.” “Sorry Mrs.Low.” “It’s ok Fred,everyone makes mistakes.Plus,I understand that you don’t know how to controll your new teeth yet.” “Thanks for forgiving me and understanding.Also,thanks for being so nice to me.” “You’re welcome Fred,you’re like another son to me.”After he got patched up,Tomas started to teach him how to use his sharp teeth.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019