First hit

Friday night just coming out from school

I can hear my coach talking

but i’m not paying any attention

I can feel butterflies in my stomach

I can feel the sweat coming down my chest.

Thinking to myself we have to win we have too right now were 0-2

I want to be the leader of the team and lead them to victory

.I hear coach say get ready I insanity

get up and go down the stairs and get my gurrtle

on and my pants Coach says today is gonna

be a little different were going to say a prayer

today for our first home game,

We all get on one knee coach says repeat after me.

¨Dear God, May everything I am be a prayer to you.

May I race with strength, courage and endurance

and fulfil my potential today¨.after the prayer we start getting hipped

we put our shoulder pads on and we head out.

I know everybody is nevers but its always after the first hit you will be fine.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019