Emma and Daniel

 There was a girl named Emma who had just turned 13 years old when her life started falling apart, her parents were splitting up over some things her father had done. Emma was introduced to a friend her mother had known, his name was Daniel. Daniel was 19 years old and was married to a girl named Gabrielle but when Daniel met Emma he fell for her instantly but hidden how he felt because he loved Gabrielle. Daniel and Gabrielle soon separated because Gabrielle wasn’t a good wife to Daniel. And Daniel wanted to be with Emma but he wasn’t gonna tell Gabrielle that.


       After Daniel and Gabrielle’s separation was official Daniel asked Emma’s mother for permission to take her out for a romantic night, Emma’s mother was hesitant for the fact that her daughter had just turned 13 and she didn’t know if she was ready for a romantic night. Later that night Emma’s mother asked her if she liked Daniel and when Emma said yes her mother’s heart broke a little, so then Emma’s mother then asked if she would want to go out on a romantic evening with Daniel and without hesitation Emma said yes.


      The night finally came for Emma’s and Daniel’s romantic night, they were both very nervous but while he took her out for a romantic dinner under the stars he stared at her while she stared at the stars because she was very nervous. Emma and Daniel began talked for hours when he looked at her very seriously and said ‘’I love you.’’ Emma just sat there and looked at him with shock because she has never felt what love felt like but she’s known Daniel for over a year and with her parents separated and no one paying attention to her she finally believed someone cared about her. So after a few moments Emma finally says to Daniel ‘’ I love you too.’’


      Their next romantic evening Daniel never planned to kiss Emma but sitting there under the moon and seeing her beautiful smile while the most beautiful song played he just couldn’t resist but before he kissed her, he gave her a letter that told her how much he loves her. That night Emma layed in bed reading the letter Daniel gave her, replaying their kiss in her head and she went to sleep with a smile on her face. Daniel had some trouble and he couldn’t tell Emma because he didn’t want to bring her down because she had some trouble of her own with her family. Daniel let her go because he didn’t want to hurt her by just leaving her without a reason so he lied to her and said he had found another girl that he really loves and Emma walked away with her heart shattered in pieces thinking he didn’t care about her but what she didn’t know was 2 hearts were broken that night.


     2 years later Emma and Daniel saw each other again but Emma felt as heartbroken as she felt 2 years ago and she told him that and he asked to take a walk with her and she agreed. Daniel wanted to apologize for how he ended things and told her the real reason he ended it, Emma was sympathetic and her and Daniel both confessed that they never stopped loving each other and they both went home with a smile on their faces. Emma’s mother was being very hateful towards her and her father because Emma didn’t want to live with her mother, so when Emma’s mother was hateful she’d talk to Daniel and tell him what her mother has said and done.


      Emma’s mother invited Daniel over to talk, so Emma walked through the door and was surprised to see Daniel and Emma’s mother had borrowed a few eggs and promised Daniel she’d pay him back. Daniel kept asking when she would give him back his eggs and he didn’t hear from her so he showed up at her house demanding to get his eggs back and she refused. Emma’s mother threatned Daniel that if he talks to or even goes near Emma then she will call the policeman and have him arrested. That day Daniel told Emma what had happened and he said he couldn’t talk to her anymore and asked that they end it once again, he apologized for making the pain come back again in just less than a month of them being together again. Emma begged Daniel not to go but he walked further and further, Emma had written him letters every night for 2 weeks but they all went unanswered and then she realized it was really over and so with a heavy heart she vows to herself to wait for her true love to come back to her once again and won’t stop waiting until the day she dies. 





Jeffersonville High School, 2019