By: Brooklyn Parish


The darkness, the darkness that has no light, the darkness that seems to have no end,


I can feel myself being dragged deeper into this darkness, It feels as if weights were strapped to my legs, making me plummet further and faster,


I’m all alone in this darkness, the only friends I have are my thoughts that are like ghost of my past mistakes, and I’m not even safe from them,


They only bully me, makes me feel like I’m worthless, a freak, that no one will ever care about me,


I feel like I’m in the water, The weights on my legs only try to drag me down in this storm,


I feel so hopeless and wonder if I should even try or just stop, I could stop it all,


I CAN’T GIVE UP, I try to swim in this storm, I try and I try, only to be pushed again and again,


This is a never ending battle and I can’t stop fighting it,


Jeffersonville High School, 2019