Demon Killer

By: Brooklyn Parish


In this world there are three different types of beings. They are humans, magic users, and demons. Humans and magic users lived in harmony while the demons lived to terrorize them. The humans and magic users where scared, so they decided to hold a meeting with all the leaders of the land. For many days and nights they talked about what to do. Till one of them suggest to try and exterminate the demons once and for all. They argued about it for a while, but then it was decided. They would exterminate the demons the only problem was they didn’t people who were strong enough to defeat the demons. After, many moons they decided to use magic users by throwing a game to see who were the strongest of them all. They called the game, “The Magic Games,” any one who played in the games were promised riches. Many decided to join, but only one of them would be known as the Demon Killer.

I woke up from my dreamless sleep by the Earth star shining in my eyes. I let out a loud rough groan. I decided to get up for the day knowing that I wouldn’t be able to fall back to sleep. My midnight hair was all rugged the bags under my eyes made it seemed like I didn’t know the word sleep. I went to the bathroom and splashed cold water on my face. Once done I looked in the mirror and saw a man who I didn’t know. His hair was a mess he had a stubbly face, and his eyes held no emotion. The more I looked at the man the more I realized that he was actually me. 


I had really changed from the kid I used to be. I was only sixteen only two more years till I was considered an adult, but my life had other plans. About two months ago a demon had killed my family. I had a younger brother two amazing parents. They never did anything to deserve what they got. The night that it happened was a cold, rainy night. Everything felt normal till someone started to knock on our door around midnight. My father had opened a door a woman and man was there, they looked starved and like someone had beaten them. My father had asked them what had happened to them. They had said bandits had stolen their car and they had nowhere to go. I was in the living while this was happening my mother next to me my younger brother was asleep. 

My father had decided to let them stay at our house. We had an extra bedroom that wasn’t being used. After they got settled in my father and mother decided to go to bed. I decided to head to my room as well. I knew I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep though.

 I had have sleeping issues from a young age. I use to have medicine that helped me sleep, but I had forgotten to take it that night. 

A few hours passed and nothing happened. I had my eyes closed for those hours but I couldn’t fall asleep. Then suddenly, I heard a scream coming from my parents room. I got up as quickly as I could and ran to their room to see what had happened. Their door was cracked a bit which was unusual. I slowly opened the door and when I saw what was happening my eyes went wide with fear. The man and woman my father had let stay at our house where stabbing my mother and father. My mother turned her head to me and yelled as loud as she could, “Run and keep living,” and with that, I ran. I went to my little brothers room only to see that he was already gone. I felt the tears slip from my eyes as I saw what they did to him. They had put deep scratches all over his poor face. It seemed like an animal had molded him to death. 

I tried to not throw up my dinner to this. I remembered what my mother had said and started to run again. I made it outside the ground was covered in snow that was maybe two inches deep. I didn’t have my shoes but at that moment I didn’t care. All I knew was that I had to get away. Only if I was a mgic user then I could’ve saved them all, but I wasn’t I was only a mere human. A human with no power against demons. I could hear fast footsteps coming behind me. I hurried and hid behind a tree I took deep breaths and saw that it was snowing hard. I could hear the crunch of snow of something or someone coming closer to me. Then, suddenly the crunching of the snow stopped. I held my breath for a few moments listening carefully. Once, I thought they whatever was after me was gone I let out a breath.

I felt something warm fall on my cheek. I felt a chill run down my spine. I slowly looked up and my eyes widen with fear. The woman my father had let in was above me. The blood of my faily dripping from her mouth. I felt my body freeze in place as I started at her in horror. I knew I needed to move but I couldn’t I could hear the crunching of snow again. The fastness of the crunches told me her friend was on the way. When I realized that I could feel my body unfreezing I moved and ran as fast I could once again. 

I could hear the loud screeching of laughter that they were making. I could tell that they were only playing with their food, and that food was me. I kept running till my body fell to the ground. I had tripped in the snow my feet were starting to turn a purple blue from the snow. I could feel frostbite nipping at me. I was either going to die from the demons of by frostbite. 

I heard the screeching again and turned around and saw the two demons. The blood of my family still fresh on their faces. Their smiles curled in irregular ways their teeth were sharp and ragged. I could feel myself shaky I didn’t know if it was from the fear or if it was from the cold. I felt like giving up. I had no family anymore I was alone, but even though that was true I kept the words my mother said close to my heart. I couldn’t die here.

I felt a warm feeling in my hands then it moved around my whole body. I could feel my feet no longer feel frozen. I was confused at this and noticed how my body was glowing a deep crimson. The demons only laughed more at this, “It seems we got lucky today Daman,” the woman said to the male next to her. He laughed along with her, “It sure does Meggan,” he said to the woman.

I was confused what did they mean magic user? I was a normal human with no special powers or anything, but if I was a magic user that would explain this warm feeling. If I had this power then I should use it for good. I smirked at this and tried using the magic. Huge crimson flames came out of both of my hands. The smiles on the demons faces fell. They seemed taken aback and scared of what I could do. The smirk on my face only grew to this

and I shot the flames at the two demons. They dodged the flames and tried to run. From that point on I didn’t know what happened. I remembered being taken to a hospital and being reminded that my family was dead. The nurses and doctors had no idea what happened to me that day. I never showed emotions I had an even harder time sleeping at night.

I hit my fists on the mirror shattering from the impacted. I couldn’t look at my reflection anymore. Only if I knew that I could use magic then I could have saved them that day. The memoirs of that day haunt me. I looked down at my fists and saw that they were bleeding from glass getting stuck in my skin. I sighed at this and got out the first aid kit I had under the sink. I quickly took the pieces of glass out of my skin, cleaned, and dressed my self made wounds. 

I walked into my living room sitting on the couch I turned on the TV to the news. The sun was barely above the horizon when I looked out the window. I turned to the TV and saw a woman making a report. I decided to listen in.

“As everyone knows the leaders of this land have been having a lot of meetings and nobody knows why.” The woman said her voice holding a professional tone, “We know why now though! The leaders have decided to hold a Magic Games. It’s too see which magic user is the strongest of the strong. The top 50 players have been promised a money prize that will make them rich!” The woman exclaimed smiling from ear to ear, “Any magic user can join. It doesn’t matter your age, race, or gender all you have to be is a magic user,” The reported went on after that talking about some famous person dying and more demon attacks.

The magic games sounded quite weird to me. Why did the leaders think about this for so many moons? Shouldn’t they have been talking about the demon outbreak? All these questions ran through my head. I decided that it wasn’t worth thinking about. I mean why would I want to be known as the strongest magic user anyways? They would make me work in the army or something if I was that strong. With that I decided it was time to get dressed for work.

I worked at an oil plant, it was one of the oldest plants in the town, it is known as Wander’s Oil. The town Hexson was known to have many oil wells and companies. It was known as the world’s largest oil plant. Most people in this town worked at any of the many oil companies, but work was starting to become scares. 

I worked as a Derrick Hand I was one of the few people responsible for monitoring the drill pipe as it is being inserted into the drill hole. I would have to fix any problems that occurred. If there was a jam I would be called to fix it. It was one of the most dangerous jobs in oil companies. If something went wrong I could be hurt or I could die. I never cared about those facts though. The job always paid me well and they would pay if I ever got injured.

People in town started talking about how they believe that Wander’s Oil was about dried up. I didn’t believe in the rumors though. People would always talk about things just to get a reaction out of others. 

I went into work as usual and went down to the oil drill. For some reason the oil pipe wasn’t on. This concerned me, the night shift should have turned it on. What confused me more was the fact that the night shift workers weren’t here.

A few minutes later my other coworkers came in. They were as confused as I was.  “Hey Allen do you have any idea why the pipe isn’t on,” my coworker Mike asked me.

“I have no idea,” I answered back with a slight frown. I thought about the rumors that had been spreading about  Wander’s Oil. People kept saying the old oil well was dried up, but I didn’t want to believe it. Mr. Wander was the only man who was willing to hire me.

While thinking about that our boss walked in. He cleared his throat getting all of our attention, “I have some bad news. I bet you all have heard

that the old oil well is drying up. Well she was. Just last night we got the last of her oil. I was trying to find a new oil well, but that never happened. I’m sorry to say it, but this is the end. I would like for you all to pack your things up. I’m so sorry.”

After Mr.Wander finished the room was dead silent. You would be able to hear a pen drop. “Where are you supposed to go,” Mick asked. Mr.Wander just looked to the ground and shook his head.

After a few more minutes of being stunned everyone started to pack and leave. I didn’t move. I couldn’t believe what I had heard. The only place I could work at is closed down now. 

I realized that I had to also pack up my things. I finally moved from my spot and started to put my items into the box next to me. It seemed to take forever even though it was only a few minutes.

When I finished I started to walk home. I kept my head to the ground while I walked. A thousand thoughts raced through my head. Suddenly I remembered the news story that was on this morning.

“As everyone knows the leaders of this land have been having a lot of meetings and nobody knows why. We know why now though! The leaders have decided to hold a Magic Games. It’s too see which magic user is the strongest of the strong. The top 50 players have been promised a money prize that will make them rich,” said the lady this morning.

I looked up at the sky and closed my hands into tight little balls. My only choice is to join The Magic Games. If I didn’t, then I would be on the streets again. With that I decided I was going to be one of the top 50 players.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019