Dear diary


Dear diary,

Hey diary, its Emma, my mom says that I should keep a diary to “remember the good times.” Yeah! Whatever that even means. Well I’m a freshman at Nortonsville High School. I gotta say it’s probably one of my least favorite things to happen to me. I mean what do we even need school for anyways? Seriously! When am I ever going to find what x equals in real life? Like x obviously doesn’t want to be found. My second day of high school is tomorrow…still zero friends. You know, moving states is hard I had to leave all of my friends back in Florida just to move to Alabama! Do you even know how much it rains here? Half of my wardrobe is rain boots and raincoats. Until tomorrow, wish me luck!

Mood: Sad 🙁



Dear diary,

Emma again. Still no friends.There’s something weird about this school. Literally everyone yells, like just shut up! I’m so tired, I have a headache, and I am tired but I have to write some essay. Really not up for this tonight! I went shopping after school today for some new clothes..yay. I know I know I am definitely not your average girl, I just don’t see the point in name brand clothes. Why do I need to pay fifty dollars for one shirt just to be “cool!” Ugh I’m going to bed. Write ya tomorrow!

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Dear diary,

Guess what!! Finally made a friend, I’m going to her house tomorrow to hangout. Apparently it’s her birthday tomorrow but what are we going to do in the wettest place on Earth? I remember every year on my birthday we’d go to the beach, swim, and have a picnic. Too bad I’ll never have that again. The whole reason we moved was because my mom got a new job. Pretty lame if you ask me, I mean who moves from Florida. Dinner time! Maybe I can convince my mom to have us move back.

Mood: Anxious



Dear diary,

I know its been awhile sorry. I just don’t see the point of writing in this dumb notebook every night. But hey I went to the girls house on Saturday, Nydia. She has two siblings, Blake and Jessica. They are probably two of the weirdest people I have ever met. All they did was stare at me. Talk about awkward and creepy…but other than that I had tons of fun! We went to an escape room where you have to solve puzzles to get out in less than an hour. We did it in forty-five minutes! So easy! I guess we are just some of the smartest people haha. I guess  today was a lot easier today especially since i have friends now. I met the rest of her friend

group and they are really nice! I’m actually pretty happy! We are all supposed to hang out soon and I just can not wait! Talk to you tomorrow!

Mood: Happy! 🙂



Dear diary,

Today was an okay day. In biology we have to do this big group project but the good thing is we got to pick our own groups and since I actually have friends now. We all have to do a project about an invasive species. We picked the zebra mussel. Here’s a picture I printed out and taped on here. Well gotta go and facetime Nydia! Till next time.

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Dear diary,

School was and dad are fighting again. They’ve been fighting a lot more since the big move. Not up for writing tonight.

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Dear diary,

It’s only Thursday. I want the week to be over with so I can go with my friends and we can work on our project and just hang out! I think we might be going to see a movie! I can’t wait to hang out with all of them. They are really making me feel welcomed to this new school and everything and I don’t think theres anyone better than them! Maybe we can get matching friendship bracelets. I don’t know. Write ya later!

Mood: Grateful!



Dear diary,

My parents are getting me a new phone today that way I’ll be able to call them when I need to especially when I am with my friends. I’m so excited! Tomorrow I’ll go to Nydia’s house to work on our project and to go to the movies. I’m bringing Nydia’s late birthday gift to her. I will tell you what it is but you can’t tell anyone! Haha it’s a necklace with her name on it! But I also got her some cute socks! Wish me luck!

Mood: Nervous


Jeffersonville High School, 2019