Crashed Sadness

By Aaliyah Netherton

As the waves crashed upon the sea,

making a sorrow, troubled slam,

I thought to myself the reason it was so down.


The sea had an endless love for the land.


She crashed and broke her waves onto the beaches and shores

just to come close to her true love. The land. The ground. The sand.

She tried so hard to stay up, but something always pulled her back.


Was it fate, or just tragedy?


She  wondered why the land didn’t love her back.

She came to visit everyday, but something kept pulling her away.

It came to her realization that she could never be in love with the land.

Her heart was in the sea, and that’s where it needed to stay.


Her love is endless and inseparable. Always.

Her love will be there even when she gets pulled away.

The waves may tear her back farther and farther, but her love is permanent.

Love is true. And love is kind. But love will deceive you. Time by time.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019