by Hazel Dickey   It was late Sunday night and Rita still had homework, tests to study for, chores to complete, and her weekly task of applying her red…

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Frequently Asked Questions

by Audrieanna Nesmith & Kaelin Miller If you hate a teacher,what’s one way you could deal with her/him? Well, it’s wise to respect others around you; especially the ones…

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20 Spells

by Shelby Brunson This is the First Chapter of the story. More will be put on later. On a planet, light years away from Earth, named Abay lives kingdoms…

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The Real Legend of The Great Sphinx

by Kaelin Miller No one may have known it, but there’s a tale behind the ancient statue of the Great Sphinx. I will tell you this age-old story of…

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Choices and Regrets

by Aaliyah Netherton Brittany Richards was something more than your “average 12 year old”. She had better grades than kids her age, better clothes than them, better family bonding,…

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Under the Apple Tree

by Gabby Senger  White walls. White tiled floors. White gown. The smells of chemicals. The constant sound of beeping machines. Indicating whether the patient was dead or alive. Some…

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Recipe Fun!

by Abby Ingram and Taylor Noel Click here to see some a fun slide show of recipes that Taylor and I made together!

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It Was Like This

by Noelle Gray   It was like this: Samson and I had journeyed out into the woods in our neighborhood looking for green and bald aliens armed with flashlights…

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Wilt to Grow Anew

by Jacob Austin   Drip drop drip drop, October rain will fall. Drip drop drip drop, and sickness comes for all.   Achew Achew, Cough cough cough cough, A…

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Hazel and Noelle Give Advice

by Hazel Dickey and Noelle Gray Question: How to deal with rude people. ie: people getting mad for not doing something to their standards. The other day I was…

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