The People I Aspire to Be

By: Faith Lowe I have my mother’s selfless blonde hair And my father’s intelligent brown eyes I am told that I look like them Which I hold with great…

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by: Jade Keith Leo He hates those spiral curls Looking over with those greenish blue eyes his tattoo on his right forearm A clock, a rose, and a bird…

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The Nightmare

By Greta Reel I run through endless dark Branches scratch, draw blood Grunts and growls and snarls The Bigfoot monster   Follows me close behind   Blood tastes rusty,…

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The Ultimate Story of Laziness

      Joey was laying on the couch. It was a beautiful chilly December day. The wind was whipping and the sky was a grayish shade. A perfect day to…

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God & Love

by Tempestt Hill click here to see my poem slideshow.  

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Photography: Lights and Landscapes

by Christina Willis

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Damsel in the Dress

A young princess In a dark dreary room the light shines only upon her; She is the only brightness around There she is dressed and prepped by handmaidens The…

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Mexico Vs. America

My life changed drastically after I moved the U.S.A when I only though Mexico existed since a young age. Click here to view.

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My Old Friend

by Zoe Spiegel I probably looked lonely as a child, but I wasn’t. I never actively tried to make friends because I didn’t feel like I needed anyone by…

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The Man in The Jar

Oscar Elliott I once knew a man who lived in a jar, for a stranger sight you’d have to go far. I asked him once, why he lived in…

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