This House

by Kaitlyn Turner   We had known it was coming for a week.   “It ain’t taking this house ,” My grandfather said,” And even if it does, i’m…

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Hitting the Soccer Field

Hitting the Soccer Field by Braxton Troutman   I pull up my socks then lace up the cleats on my feet. I hit the field as I listen to…

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Wake Up

By: Lisa Morris So… this is what Death feels like. I thought I knew who Death was ever since I was a young girl and my father took me…

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By:Lizzie Coons & Jennifer Martinez Whenever you see your grades are low And your mother is on your case And your teacher is telling you it’s due by tomorrow…

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leandrea’s poem

Why do i want you? Why do i love you? You scratch and bite you tear stuff up You cuddle and purr Sometimes your sweet Sometimes i hate you…

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Little Feet

By Ashlyn Weber   With the tiny steps that a child takes Will help him slip and hide away The giant beast nearly awakes The baby doesn’t think he…

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Another post


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Another post


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His Life

A man is a creator of his own history His bloodline spans through the traits of his descendants The traits that go through his blood Is the making of…

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