Movie Review: Meet The blacks

Mike Epps’s Carl Black  who likes to shout his own name a lot is a cable installer from Chicago who steals a giant stack of cash and marijuana from…

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  By Rex Badger All around me was darkness. A lone red light blinked above me which scarcely illuminated the dark room that I was held captive in. The…

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Song: Shively

By Bryan Taylor, Raven Lerit, and Dominic Zelli Bryan guides us through a story describing the life of the narrator and his friend Darius. Dominic made the instrumental and Bryan…

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My City, My City

By Tyrell Henley This piece of poetry is about my life growing up in St.Louis Missouri

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To Slay A Dragon

Click here to read To Slay a Dragon, an illustrated fantasy story by Rex Badger and Salena Limon

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A Vampire’s Tale

By Salena Limon As the sun goes down, and the moon appears, That’s when the living hides and avoids their fears. The color of blood is the famous trend,…

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God’s Little Haven

By Salena Limon Meet a little girl name Haven. She’s not exactly little, she’s just little in my eyes. All of my children are little precious jewels of course.…

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The New Rose

By Bryan Taylor   There was once a rose that grew from the concrete. I know that you feel as if it’s an impossible feat. A beauty growing from…

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S’mores Brownies

Click here to see how to make s’mores brownies.

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Dystopian Orators: A Summary of Novels

by Autumn Webster and Leila Bridgewater   Autumn Webster’s Books:  Deltora Quest by Emily Rodda Insignia by S. J. Kincaid Leila Bridgewater’s Books: The Giver by Lois Lowery Fairest…

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