Business and Co.

At 8 pm, the janitor signed to to get to work; he walked up to his supply closet to see it was already opened. The handle had been broke off, like some gorilla just ripped it off the wood, there was also this foul odor- as if a possum that had died and it was just left to decay. The janitor grew with confusion and fear; he nudged the door with his foot to open it. As for what he saw, scarred him for life; blood splattered, guts oozing, bones broken, intestines sliced up, just a horrific mess of someone’s death. He covered his nose to stop inhaling the nasty smell. He stumbled back, falling to the ground and started dry-heaving. He pulled out his phone to call 911 with his findings, policemen and investigators quickly stormed after the call came in. They checked out the closet, as the janitor was the only suspect, investigators ask if he did it or saw anything.


The janitor pleaded saying, “A sicko with a messed up head would do this, I would never do this to someone- even if they’re a criminal! I’m just a janitor!” the investigator clicks his pen a wrote down some notes on his pad. They decided to close the building down for the rest of the month, just for the safety of the people.




Jonathan is a business guy who works in a company that stores out information for big companies, His boss, Alan, is very strict and unkind to Jonathan and the rest of the workers. All that Jonathan does is type in a few words and fix up info that maybe wrong. He doesn’t really expect that the rest of his life to be exciting like others He thinks that this could be the rest of his life; fixing, deleting, repurposing company documents. But the people around the office, makes it better for him. Sara, oh how much he loved her to death, she was the brightness of his day; Sara is much into exploring, she even has another job working with a club of people who also loves exploring and discovering the undiscovered.


Jonathan waited patiently in the break room to give her a special gift’ it’s a nice diamond bracelet, he’s been saving up money for 5 months. Some days he wouldn’t eat dinner just to put that money towards the bracelet. He looked at the bracelet in the dark gray box, then shut as he looked down the hallway to see Sara, Jonathan waved her down to the break room. He put it behind his back as she walked up filled with joy, “Hey Sara,” She looked up all so happy as him. “I got you this bracelet, to express…” He pulled the box out behind his back, little bits of anxiety started to fill in his head. “To express our friendship..” Jon didn’t know how she would feel if he said he liked her, so he quickly changed up his mind about it.


“Oh my gosh, thank you!” She opened up the box to see all the sparkly diamonds. “Wow, this is amazing! I love it so much!” More excited as ever, she took it out of the box and tried it on. It was surprisingly a good fit. “Thank you!” The both of them grinned at each other and got back into their work again.


A girl by the name Teri, she works in the same office as Sara, they are almost like sisters, they express to each other about exploring- they’re even in the same club as each other. She was in such a big hobby of aliens, area 51, what the government hides from the public. She believed in the unknown, but this time she discovered a little bit too much, she had such a strong urge to tell everybody in  the office about her new findings but she doesn’t want everyone to tell her she’s crazy- or freak out- she was frighten for herself. She had this whole alien thing in her head the whole morning, so when it got to the lunch hour she quickly ran down there to clear her thoughts. As she thought she was safe, her boss, Alan came in the room. A few minutes later, Alan walks out of the break room. The point on; Teri is never seen again. The people in the office speculate about her disappearance.


Jonathan and Sara had heard what had happened on the late night news, Sara spoke out to get Jon’s attention from the TV. “Do you think we should find out who did this to her?”


“Do you think we could get in there?” Jon cleared his throat.


“Oh yeah, I have a secret entrance we can get into.” Sara adjusted her standing position to lean on the kitchen counter.


“Uhm I don’t know, secret entrance or not, we could still get into serious trouble. You know what that could do to our lives- it could mess us up really bad!” Jon scratched behind his neck.


“You can trust me, We will not get caught, I have a simple plan- just follow my footsteps and we’ll make it through.”Sara smiled widely, she was trying to show him that this matters more than anything for her. “Me and Teri go way back, if you we’re close to Teri like I was,” Her throat started to get dry. “you would want to find who ever killed your best friend-”


“Oh okay! Don’t get too caught up in this, I’ll come with you.” Silently, Jon growled under his breath.


When they pulled up in their car, they made sure they aren’t seen by the police, They got out and Jon started to follow Sara to this secret entrance. The entrance was actually underground in the parking lot, leading to a dark hallway, Sarah used her light on her phone to get by. As they reached to the end of the hallway up to the door, they were hearing strange echoing sounds of something that they never heard before. Slowly opening the door, there was nothing they could see that was making that noise, they looked at eachother and continued on. Running quietly down the halls, turning many times to get out the sight of some military officers. Until they ran into a group of military people; about 2 military officers, Jon and sara gasp as being attacked and pushed down to the ground by the officers. Jon rolled his eyes and shook his head when Sara looked at him, the military officers yelled at the two to not talk and obey their orders. They handcuffed the two and pushed on them to the center of the building, where their boss was.


“Hey boss,” They entered the center to see many men in camouflage look at Sara and Jonathan, “look who ran into us blindly, I think we have our criminals who did it-”


As he finished his sentence with cockiness, some small-like rope tentacles took the two officers, the tentacles wrapped around their necks and pulled them away. Sara and Jon, handcuffed, turned and falling to the ground to not have the risk of getting taken. Left and right, officer after officer getting pulled up and disappearing forever; yelling in fear, never seeing something more scary as most officers getting pulled away from something they don’t know what it is.


The lights flickered, the windows shattering cause of this loud dog whistle-like; officers plugged their ears but it did no good. Jon and Sara struggled as tried to break free from the handcuffs. Jon shrieked groaned as hearring the painful sound; feeling his eyes rolling in the back of his skull. It suddenly stopped, both breathing heavily, finally; Sara broke the handcuffs open and helped him out. Gathering their bearings they started to run blindly in the workplace to find an exit. Suddenly, the Alan mixed alien appeared; this gives clear evidence that Alan, their boss, is the murderous alien-creature.


He spitted and growl at the two, leaping full speed at them, they lucky dodged, and headed any direction they could escape to magnificent creature. Sara grabbed a big shard of broken glass off the floor, slightly cutting her palm, she ran up behind the alien while getting up from his jump- stabbing the alien but he resisted and pushed her off. Jon grabbed a loaded handgun off the dead policeman laying next to him and see if shooting would help, it was just eating up the bullets like it was a hard candy. The alien creature grinned with many of his sharp teeth while slowly walking up to the two, accidentally, the two fell back in the breakroom. They looked at each other and started pulling open the cabinets and throwing out anything that was in it.

The alien creature screeched, making Sara spill the hot boiling coffee all over herself. Jonathan got an idea, he turned on hot water on the sink, and started to fill up a gallon milk jug full of it. “Get big gallons cartons and fill it up with hot water- maybe it could stop all this.” Jon pulled the heavy jug in between his hands and walked up to the creature outside, standing and waiting for sara to hurry behind. When so, they splashed all the hot steaming water over Alan, Alan made a painful screech. Shrinking and melting down on the wooden boards, begging for mercy, becoming into a pile of unknown and unnatural slime than gave off a sick smell.


Sara gagged and covered her nose, Jonathan wiped his eyes on his shoulder, crying a bit as he just made through all of that in a single hour. He smiled, looked at Sara, “We made it through that…” he hesitated. “I should’ve said this before- this is probably not the place or time to tell you but that bracelet,” He pointed at her diamond bracelet on her arm, “It wasn’t to express our friendship- but to express my love I have for you. I think your really hot and after commiting and murdering our boss together, that really explains a lot about each other.” He eyes widen and looked off as slightly rejecting him.


“I don’t see you like that, I only see you as a best friend- yeah we been through a lot but..” Sara pulled off the bracelet off her wrist, “That doesn’t change my feelings I have for you, after this; I don’t think I can be here anymore- I’m moving back to new Jersey with my parents.” He walked off, crossing the pile of slime and walking to the stairs to her car. After what Jonathan heard, his heart sank to the bottom of his ribcage, breaking so gently. He hasn’t felt this feeling in a long time, Just when he thinks he had a good ending, it all just crashes appart that could never be pieced back together again.


Sara walked off to find and exit after those two disasters, walking and stepping over all the dead bodies of the dead or passed out officers. Jon stood next to the decaying goo of the dead alien, It was like he was stuck in quicksand. As standing in the breakroom, with boiling water, and coffee that has cooled, he started to hear coughing from the pile of goo.


“Aah the poor boy has scared away the girl, how pathetic…” The raspy voice spooked Jon, it made it jump.


“What?! Who’s there?” Jon backed away to the wall.


“It’s me, you loser, Alan!” The goo spited angrily at Jon. “What we’re you thinking! After a traumatizing event happens to you, another instantly happens to you again! First you break me and then you break a girls heart! It’s gonna take awhile for my body to set ughh” Alan groaned in disappointment.


“Hold on- hold on, what do you know about love and relationships? You’re just a pile of heartless goo, who kills people out of spite!” Jon put his hands in his jean pockets.


“Anyone can look at that conversation and say the same thing, it was sad, and just so desperate. You need to find her and apologize and not let your feelings try to control you ever again like that. How do you not realize this, like at all?”


“I mean- I guess i would have never realized. She must think I’m a sicko.” he covered his face with his hands, “Now just thinking how I’ve been acting around Sara, she must think I’m a pervert!”


“You are so caught up being in-love, you never even took care of yourself. Never eating much like you should- you weren’t even doing any of the “work” I gave you. And I’m a freaking alien, I don’t do human stuff like you all.” The goo started to get into it’s morphing stage, moving slowly while having a cold air come off it like ice cubes in front of a fan. “You should go back to Sara and apologize, it better than not talking to her anymore, being left this guilt of sadness of never explaining yourself to the girl you had feelings for.” The goo into a jagged shape of the original shape of the aliens body.


“Wow I can’t believe that a alien, has given me relationship advice, thanks Alan.”


“Your welcome bud, now I’ll let you live, while my body morphs back into its condition- go and run off and find that girl.” As a face started to form, it smiled at Jon.


“Don’t smile at me, that was creepy.” Jon gives the alien a disgusted face.


“You have 20 seconds.”


And with that, Jon turns around and run through the building and back down to where Jon and Sara came from. Jon gets to the door hoping that Sara is still out there to take him home, He held his breath and opens the door. And he was right, car headlights blared into his eyes blinding him, he covered his eyes and walked up to the car. Jon looked in the car window to see Sara sleeping silently. He knocked on the drivers window door, awaking Sara from her nap, she looked up at Jon. Sara unlocked the door and waved Jon to get into the passenger side, he was still standing out in front of the drivers door; looking like he’s waiting for Sara to come out. She looked at Jon again, then rolled her eyes and got out the car.


“What?” Sara crossed her arms on her chest.


“Okay, I know that you hate me and everything, I apologize so much but not just that… That- I learned why you rejected me, I can never have my feelings ever control me like that.” Jon coughed. “I should’ve not given you that bracelet, wasn’t worth it I guess. I am truly sorry for my feelings to make me into a different person, I thought that you had seen my signs I was giving you but those signs are just me being a creepy person.”


“I thought you would never realize,” Sara laughed a bit. “I knew there was the one Jon that’s caring and such a great friend inside you somewhere, and you did find a way to get out of your head and think logically. I’m so proud you realize now,” Sara smiled at Jon, giving off an nice vibe of happiness and acceptance. “But I’m still moving to New Jersey, that’s still real.” This broke the mood a little.


“When are you going?” Jon sighed.


“I don’t want to talk about that now, after we killed that ratchet alien which was awesome but very tiring.” The door of the secret entrance cracked open, it made a loud metal scraping on concrete sound then being pulled off and thrown over Sara’s car, which launched to the other side of the parking lot.


“Well,” Jon pulled Sara to the car. “The alien, Alan isn’t actually dead.” Lights started to flash and being pulled of the ceiling, “He gave me the advice to help our relationship-” The concrete parking lot started to crackle all around them. They both got into the car, Sara getting in the driver’s seat and Jon getting into the passenger seat.


“So you’re saying, that Alan, the scary alien guy-” Sara started the car quickly and drove out to the nearest exit, “Gave you relationship advice-” They both screeked to see Alan right in front of the exit.


Quickly, Sara braked the car, smoke coming off of her wheels and out of the engine. Sara’s throat went dry, she may have just both put them in trouble. Alan put his hand on the car in front of him, but quickly pulled it away for how hot it was it almost melted his whole hand off. He growled and went up to the drivers window.


“Roll down your window!” Alan yelled scaring Sara, she slowly rolled down the window. Terrified to see his face, Alan just broke the window anyway, she and Jon covered her face as the glass went all in the car. “You take too long!” Alan growled. “Oh, I see that my advice worked, I’m so proud of you. I did say that I wouldn’t kill Jon but….” Alan looked away then back. “I lied.” He grin wide and everything went pitch black.


The Business had to shut down, after what has happened and the disappearance of Sara, Jon, and Alan, with many dead officers laying in the building, they couldn’t continue the company. Many speculations went on about this case, theories, allegations, but nothing had the right answer. Today, the case has remained closed, but this case still remains the most unsolvable terrifying case yet. About 100 people from the army, police force, and investigation force has died due of no reason. To this day, no one has tried solving this mystery case yet, leaving many officers confused.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019