Bill, Phil, and The Magical Space Orb

Bill, Phil, and The Magical Space Orb


Our story begins, again with Bill and Phil, two bums living off of the welfare of the government. It is a cold August night, the grass turns from a bright to dark green as the mildew from the previous rain sets in. Phil sits on the porch swing, right outside the house. He breathes in the cool night air and lets out a sigh of relief as he reflects on his past life decisions. He remembers all the times he and his father spent together, putting the whole town in an uproar with their foolish antics. Like the time they almost blew up the local bank after attempting to blow open the vault and steal the cash inside. Luckily they had both packed bank teller disguises so when the police arrived they easily slipped away and out of sight.

Phil pauses his thoughts for a moment and listens to the crickets chirping nearby. It isn’t often that Phil sits and appreciates the nature outdoors. These moments are few and far between, since most of Phil’s life is spent either watching t.v. or figuring out a way to get money. Phil smiles and appreciates this one moment of peace in his life. He looks up to the sky and see a shooting star soar across the night sky. He realizes this may be his second chance to do something right with his life for once. After his near experience with the cops and his failed attempt to rob a bank, Phil is grateful to still be alive. Phil pushes up from the swing set and heads on back inside the brokeman’s headquarters. He sees his father, Bill, like always sitting in front of t.v. He sighs and pictures a new life where he has a family and can provide for them.

“Phil, wake up. Phil check this out,” Bill presses on Phil’s shoulder, urging him to wake up for the big news.

Phil raises from his slumber. “What man,” he says. He looks up and sees a black orb in the palm of his father’s hands.


“So I’m asleep at like three in the morning right. And I hear this loud explosion in our front yard. So I go to check it out. And as soon as I open the door right in front of me is this black orb. Man it came from space and landed right here in our yard,” Bill exclaims.


Phil rubs his eyes, still trying to wake himself up. He replies, “Well look bro, we can’t just steal a space orb that’s not ours and…” before finishing Bill cuts him off


“Okay but check this part out,” Bill rubs the orb and shakes it. It begins to speak.


In a booming voice, the space orb announces, “I am the the magical space orb… from space.”


Phil, with a unimpressed expression exclaims, “This has got to be the stupidest thing we’ve come across yet.”

“Wait a minute, let’s hear it out,” Bill replies.


The orb begins to project an image on the wall. It then narrates the projected images.


“The year was 20 b.c. Mankind had not yet been enhanced by nature’s evolution. Pat-rar and Sponge-rar roam the lands of the jungles. They are two of the first humans to roam these lands. Intelligence may not be their strong suit, but over time they have learned to conquer and survive in their environment. They do not know how they came to be or the origin of their creation. They only know that they were birthed from the magical space orb that is now the center of life among the jungles. It can create and destroy life and pat-rar and sponge-rar believe it is their mission to guide it with their lives.”

“But sponge-rar and pat-rar are not the only one obsessed with the power of the space orb. There are others, those who were rejected by the orb’s power. They are not human, they are more monster than human. And they wanted to steal the orb’s power and use it to rule all. And one day they almost did. They came this close to stealing the power of the orb away. The half man/half monsters waited until Pat-rar and Sponge-rar had finished their daily roaming and watching of the jungles. And when the time was right they ambushed the two protectors right before their sleep.”

“Sponge-rar and Pat-rar fought back with all their might. The clanging of rocks and spears went on for four days and nights. Eventually the monsters pushed forward and laid waste to all the shields protecting Sponge-rar and Pat-rar. Sponge-rar knew they would be defeated so he did the one last thing he could to keep the space orb safe. While Pat-rar fought back the forces, Sponge-rar climbed to the tallest peak and entered the coordinates of planet earth into the space orb’s time device. He pressed the launch button and the space orb flew millions of years into the future.”


Bill had a shocked expression and his jaw hung, “That’s the most beautiful story I’ve ever heard.” A tear ran down his eye and glistened off the sunlight.


The space orb replied, “Thank you for your kindness. I’ve been traveling for years now and have finally found some rest in your home.”


“Wait a minute. Hold on, no you can’t stay here,” Phil replied

Bill angirly states, “Yes he can. And he will. Did you not here the struggles this space obr has went through. The least we can do is show him kindness in his time of need.”


Phil knows his father too well and realizes there must be more to this. Bill would never let anyone stay in their house without some kind of payment. “What’s he giving you,” Phil asked.


Bill’s cover had been blown and he couldn’t play the kindness of his heart card anymore. “Alright, he said he’d give us three wishes. Anything we could possibly want. Think about this son, this is our dream right here. God has sent us a gift in our home.”

Phil laughed off the idea, he figured he must be in a dream. He stood up out of bed and walked into the kitchen as Bill stayed examining the orb. As Phil walked into the kitchen he was met with the sight of three pigs by the couch. The gears in Phil’s brain jammed for a minute while Phil came to realize his Dad wasn’t joking about the three wishes. He clenched his fists and stormed into back into his room.


“You’re telling me that you had three wishes and you spent them all on three separate pigs!” Phil shouted.


Bill replied, “Well son I couldn’t ask for three pigs as one wish I was only able to get one pig for each wish.”


“You could have asked for anything. Money, a car, a jetpack, or even another t.v. But no, you chose three pigs,” Phil replied.


“Well son, one of them is for you. But if you want to be ungrateful, then that’s fine by me.”


As Phil stood there listening to his dad monologuing, his life flashed before his eyes. He was this close to having a life of happiness and his father took that away from him. In an instant Phil acted upon his own impulses. Without thinking he lunged towards his father and ripped the orb from his hands. He hurled it towards the wall and it cracked into two pieces. A loud explosion sound emitted from within the orb.


“NOOOOOO. What have you done Philliam!” Bill shouted.


Phil stormed out of the room while grabbing his clothes and stuffing them into a suitcase. He flung open the front door and walked out on the porch. As he walked towards the road he saw a green beam shoot down to the street. Bill ran out of the door to try and stop Phil. He shouted, “Phil, look!”


Phil looked up and was blinded by the light of the green beam. His suitcase began to be pulled up along with Phil. Suddenly the orb shot out through the house and flew up into the U.F.O above. Phil screamed for help but nothing could be done. Bill ran to try and grab him but he could not pull him down. The force of the U.F.O was too strong. In an instant the beam retracted back into the ship and Phil with it. The U.F.O hovered further into the sky and flew off. Bill sat on his knees as he watched it fly by. His only child pulled from his arms and all because of his actions. He felt responsible for this. If he had only wished for something else other than three pigs all of this could have been avoided.


Jeffersonville High School, 2019