bean man


In a dark kitchen at el nopal, Hose, the refried bean, is about to be rerefried by an evil fryer. He watches as his family looks at each other, knowing that when they get rerefried, they will be turned into burned ash. He looks up and sees a hole in the fryer basket, he knows he is powerless but he gives it a try. He tries to pull himself out of the basket so he can try to jump out. But alas, he is a bean and he cant grow arms or legs. He looks up praying that hesus will save him and help his family get out when, suddenly, a bag of radioactive chakras start to shake back and forth from the vibrations of the frier, they move back and forth until finally, they fall into the fry basket. The heat from the frier starts to make the chakras glow, they start to vibrate, getting faster every second. Hose felt a sharp pain in his arm and leg area, then, the chakras started to break apart and form a chrysalis like shape. They moved toward him slowly, until he found himself in a capsule made of chakras. Everything went black, and he started to feel sharp pains around him, he had never felt pain before, he was alarmed at what was happening. He tried to yell help, but he could say anything. He felt more pain where his arm and leg area is, he felt as if he was being stabbed with a 12-inch blade. The chakras started to break and the light of the sun shined through the opening, he could see what was happening to him, he had began to grow tortilla arms and legs. The chakras broke completely and he jumped up out of the fy basket, flying through the air.


“LET MY FAMILIA GO!” He exclaimed


“Ew a fly.” The cook said


WACK, the cook slammed a flyswatter on bean man, making him fall to the ground, he closes his eyes, preparing to die. Then, he heard the sound of footsteps, he opened his eyes, looking above, and a rat appeared. The rat carried him to a secret encloser. Bean man, seeing this, tries to get away, but he is too weak, the rat takes him to the encloser. 


Bean man woke up and looked around, he noticed a dojo looking area as he tried to stand up he felt a sharp pain in his back. 


“It’s broken.” Said a mysterious voice behind him


“Yo esse, what in the bean burrito is happening?” Said, Bean Man


“I saved you, you were about to die, I brought you here to my lab, and I saved you.” Said the mysterious man


“Aye hombre, can I even trust you?” Said, Bean Man


“Call me C C Wakka Bing Bing + 3, and I wouldn’t have saved you if I was against you hombre.” Said C C Wakka Bing Bing + 3


“Call me bean man, Mr. C C Wakka Bing Bing + 3” Said Bean Man


“Ok, stay here and get well-rested, we will start training tomorrow.” Said C C Wakka Bing Bing + 3


“Training? What are you talking about hombre?” Said, Bean Man


“Yes, I saw what Fryer did to your family, I will teach you how to use your powers, so you can get revenge for what he did.” Said C C Wakka Bing Bing + 3


“But, how will you help me? Do you have powers as well?” Said, Bean Man


“Yes, the radioactive chakras, I created them.” Said C C Wakka Bing Bing + 3


Bean man had many more question but he heeded C C Wakka Bing Bing + 3’s instructions. He lied down and thought about all the times he had with his familia and how he didn’t get to say goodbye. His mind raced in his head and he found himself awake for hours after he tried to go to sleep. He cried throughout the night as he remembered his sister who was just a tiny bean. He tried to fall asleep and think of the good times, but he ended making himself more and more emotional every time. Finally, he had fallen asleep, although he thought he would escape his thoughts, he dreamed about what happened, and he awoke not 30 minutes later. The trauma had consumed him and he couldn’t do anything about it.


He awoke 12 hours later, he could feel his tortilla arms and legs start to stretch, and C C Wakka Bing Bing + 3 was at the foot of his bed. Bean man felt less pain than he did yesterday, so they started to train. First, they jumped walls, then they swam across oceans of grease, and finally, they ate protein tacos to build strength. 


They were ready to go back to the frier, but C C Wakka Bing Bing + 3 was not going with Bean Man, he was old and couldn’t do much, he told Bean Man to go without him, and he ever needed anything, he could always come back. Bean Man said his goodbyes and left, strong, and ready to fight.


He leaped up out of the crawl space and started to fly up, he got face to face with the fry cook and looked him in the eyes. They looked at each for what Bean Man felt was hours, he felt like he could do nothing but stand there. He decided to do something and started to fly toward the fryer with a full fist. He lunged to the fryer’s face and punched him. The fryer instantly started to swing his arms around screaming, Bean Man kept punching the Fryer and got him to the ground. He was on the ground, ready to finish off the fryer when the man kicked his foot up and hit Bean Man. This launched Bean Man through the air until Bean Man landed in a woman’s soup. The woman screamed and yelled out, “Theres a bug in my soup!” That day the health inspecot just happend to be there, and he shut the resurant down and the fryer lost his job. Bean Man had won the war and he turned out to be alive, so he escaped. He live in the closed El Nopal for the rest of his days and raised some huchos of his own. 


The End




Jeffersonville High School, 2019