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Here calls your mother under the snippet tree Laying to escape focus on crunching leaves Billowing your desires dying of your design Mother to summon her own Crash of…

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I´m a watcher and a listener. That´s the basis of my job. I watch for the people I know are involved in crime and I listen to other people…

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Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights there’s yelling and crowds Cheering when there’s first downs And touchdowns But a lot of punching and frowns which can be loud The players run, they…

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The Untold Story of Enderfella

Once upon a time a beautiful princess from far far away looking for love but stuck at home working very hard, her father is married to a abusive authorized…

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Home Alone

At my cabin in the woods all alone And then, BOOM An Earth shattering crack from not too far away Could it be a monster on the outside Even…

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The Men with Five Million IQ

The Men with Five Million IQ   It is down in the boonies of southern Chicago where two bums named Bill and Phil begin their journey. A journey which…

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A bad situation

Man O man do, I have a story to tell y’all. What I am about to tell y’all might be one of the worst things that ever happened to…

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Story of my life

I can’t let these people knock me off my pivot god sat me down and talked to me I listened I was in that cell he told me that…

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Switching sides

“Damn, I’m about to be late!”, I cried as I rush through the door, hurriedly grabbing my keys. Even though I drive fast for a living, I always seem…

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I think that they should keep the age limit, Why I say this is because young people since there just getting their license they just took a test and…

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