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Bill, Phil, and The Magical Space Orb

Bill, Phil, and The Magical Space Orb   Our story begins, again with Bill and Phil, two bums living off of the welfare of the government. It is a…

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Buzz buzz pull up on cuz It shines so bright blooming so well I reach each one, providing honey I stay so busy It doesn’t get easy Stomp stomp…

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It all started In a planet called Zatrie. A child was born his name was Ralph Lanyard.The first zatrie baby to have a superpower he could see everything and…

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None of my poems have meaning

None of my poems have a meaning Or a steady flow But i don’t think anything else i do Does either   All of the words that pour from…

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you die and you learn

  My name is astrid whitaker and i’m dead. I know you’re wondering how i’m writing this but if you didn’t already know, they have typewriters in hell. I…

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  My name is sam, i’m 17 and in prison. It’s honestly a really long story but my therapist tells me i need to write about it to discuss…

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love the life

loves life because nobody can know what could happen in a day or in minutes because someone could happen to someone in a day but loves life because in…

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I need to study so I can pass this test Can’t stay focused but i’ll try my best As time fades I start to rest Now I sleep inside…

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A day without a phone

I woke up and started to get dressed, as I finished getting ready for the school I realize my phone is gone. For the next 20 minutes I tear…

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It’s beautiful The sweat and smiles all blurring together My eardrums are ringing so loud I can barely hear the music You can feel the happiness in the air…

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