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Horror Hunt Case of the Messenger

“Come on, come on.” “911 what’s your emergence?” “There’s this guy he’s been following me everywhere. Uh…oh no I think he’s in my house. Please come quick, please.” She…

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Actual Story That Actually Happened

In a tavern there was a group of two people, Dummuck, and Morok, one was an orc and one was a Half-tiefling. They were just passing by when an…

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Q2 Poem

That be gross That be nasty  Perhaps that grasshopper just wanted some food Or maybe a place to stay for the night Maybe he is still alive  Someone didn’t…

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The flowers

Sometimes things die or be a waste  As if it never happened or it was never there When time goes by roses get old and waste  Sad like a…

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How i went to jail!!!!!!

How I went to jail!!! “This is how it’s going to go we are going till nightfall when she gets off of work,” said Sarah. Sarah was a 25…

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The School Sign

While one a daily walking I saw kids cutting a sign The sign said Tobacco Free Campus The sign was getting badly cut and scratched    It felt right…

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A boy who never talked and hadn’t for years was walking home alone from school when a man wearing all black clothes and black glasses came up you him.…

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The Green Blades

The Green Blades By: Katie Case   Even as the world becomes colder And the days become darker The blade Stays warm   Surrounded by the others All in…

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The Flower Petals

The Flower Petals By: Katie Case I know what adults say about young love being irrelevant, but this young love of mine, it was real. He loved me. I…

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The Smile in the Night

The shadowy figure, With eyes the color of blood. With his metal tool cold in his clutch, Gripping it tightly ready to use.   The ghost of a man, …

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