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only a faint memory (short poem)

May your soul come upon us to forever drift for when the time comes , the curtain closes a wilted flower on the table, a abandoned soul there is…

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Publishing CQA/ My Life Matters Too

I’m locked in this cold , dark room that’s filled with silence I have this fear in me that i will not show for any and everything I have…

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Publishing CQA/ Lake trip

It’s time for our vacation trip to the lake of Clearview town.Every single year we come here It’s dead. My youngest sister Alyssa doesn’t seem excited at all. Considering…

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12:02 at night, Gianni is on his way to the usual spot for his blackjack gambling ventures. Gianni made sure his wife Lydia knew he was “staying late at…

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Parking Lot

All symmetrical lines on the road All meant for the different cars everyday Different lives and people park everyday You think and wonder Who parked at your parking spot…

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Today I’m heartbroken by the pain inside tomorrow I cry As I finally say goodbye   I never thought So much pain could hurt my heart until one day…

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The Lone Pier

Time stops words echo Heart drops Legs like jello   Standing here In front of me On the lone pier Two or Three   Knives in one’s hand A…

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Chapter One: The Blanket   With one last effort, the rusted bottom of the ranger had finally broken through the mountainous snow. Noticing the sun almost half down, the…

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Beep! Beep! Beep! It was my first alarm and I was already ready to get up and start my day. That’s surprising it usually takes me till my 3rd…

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In the woods poem

In the woods The mysterious woods If I were you I would not go Why you ask It may look like a great Place to be, right But believe…

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