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Where Is She

How did she get out? No one’s seen her. No one seen her leave. Where did she go? Now, where could she be? He thought silently to himself on…

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My Grandfather & Me

It’s November 2nd at 7:00am, eastern standard time. I have received the worst news of my life. I had lost my best friend, my mother and father figure, my…

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Wandering the endless vast of Amula is an ever lonely journey, but not when you have company. Kikuri the eladrin, a young wandering scholar of alluring beauty with heterochromia…

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Business and Co.

At 8 pm, the janitor signed to to get to work; he walked up to his supply closet to see it was already opened. The handle had been broke…

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Iris’s Eye

Iris’s Eye   CHAPTER ONE   Iris sits at the table, she stares at her mother cooking her birthday meal. Iris turns seventeen today, but it didn’t phase her.…

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Dear diary

8/13/16 Dear diary, Hey diary, its Emma, my mom says that I should keep a diary to “remember the good times.” Yeah! Whatever that even means. Well I’m a…

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The Monsters Forest

It was 10pm on a school night and i was laying on my bed still awake, knowing that i would get in trouble. I didn’t feel like sleeping. I…

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4th of July  

It all starts when my friend dae’quana was like “let’s go to the downtown boom” now my  mom don’t really like me going places real late. So daequana mom…

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Rushing Things

Rushing Things I wake up every morning with the same routine and running out of ambition to want to do anything for the day. I’m not depressed just tired…

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A Great Woe Is Coming.

Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. From what i’ve tasted of desire i hold with those who favor fire. But if it had…

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