A Vampire’s Tale

By Salena Limon

As the sun goes down, and the moon appears,

That’s when the living hides and avoids their fears.

The color of blood is the famous trend,

Its purpose is my resource and friend.


As I greet my crimson friend, the taste of metal, in the most demonic way,

I selfishly take a mortal life away.

My eyes glow with the aura of my soul mate,

My mood and personality is in its violent state.


As the night continues its course,

And I feed with no remorse.

The aura of darkness consumes me,

As the blood drips off my lips in harmony.


As the night whispers my name, Yuuki…

I smile slyly as I take in its beauty.

I dart into the shadows where the calling lies,

I follow the stars in the midnight skies.


As my immortal eyes gaze at the moon, I’m in awe of its majestic figure,

It’s beautiful form, makes me feel like I’m drunk from liquor.

She whispers, come to me, my immortal child…

And with my crimson eyes glowing with horror…my blood thirsty lips smiled.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019