A bad situation

Man O man do, I have a story to tell y’all. What I am about to tell y’all might be one of the worst things that ever happened to me. I’m not kidding, it hurt so much and I know y’all are all wondering what had happened to me so I’m about to break it down.

when I was like 6 or 7,I was over at my Aunt Candy’s house with my cousins AD and Antonio,and a few other friends. We had all our family there because it was a family event and we were all eating and having a great time and everything was going good.

But everything took a turn for the worse and got really bad. We were all done eating and so the grown ups were all upstairs doing their grown up things and all the kids were downstairs.we were playing with the toys and playing basketball on the mini hoop when one of my friends went up for a alley oop,he came down wrong and sprained his ankle. Antonio and I went to go get his parents and they picked him up and took him to the hospital to see if it was broken or just sprained because it was a little crooked but luckily he was fine and it wasn’t broke.

After that we just stopped playing basketball all together and tried to think of something else to play. Eventually, we came up with this game called Johnny go Johnny. It’s a football game where we needed an adult to run the ball on their knees while all of the kids try to tackle him.But it was kinda hard because at the time the person we were trying to tackle was about 6’4 250 pounds of solid muscle ,We were just hopeless,so we just gave up.

So after all this,we were bored and really couldn’t think of anything else to do so we all sat down for a while. Then we went outside and noticed that there was a little dog across the street,so we went over there to look at it but it backfired. Instead of it being nice and friendly it started to chase up so we all took off. When we took off everyone ran in the house but I tried to jump in my uncles truck because I knew that it couldn’t get me if I was in there and I was expecting the dog to chase everyone else because it was a farther run. But, I was very wrong! The dog kept chasing me and when I tried to climb in the truck the dog jumped right up and bit me in my butt. It was the worst pain I ever felt it my life! That dog had very sharp teeth and made me bleed a little bit. I started crying and the dog ran away. My cousins came back outside with my mom and she took me to the hospital. to see if I had rabies or anything.luckily, I was fine but it was hard for me to sleep on my back and the moral of the story is,don’t underestimate your opponent.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019