Growing Up Playing Football

Oscar Elliott

Coming up as a young child I always loved to play, throw, and kick the football. My mom and dad signed me up for flag football when I was four years old. When i was in flag football I was a running back for the jets, we didn’t win but a couple of games. My coach for the jets never gave my team a trophy for participating on his team. That was the only flag team I played on for four years. that team and coach showed me that even if you do something good you may never get rewarded, and i was okay with that
Fours years later, i was eight years old, my family was proud of me for being in football and one of my coaches told my parents he thought I was talented enough to be waived up to tackle football. Which you were supposed to start at nine years of age. My mom and dad debated and talked about if i should get waved up or not I wound up getting waved up for tackle football. My parents had finally decided i was good enough to be drafted. The league had put my name in the draft and I was drafted to the seahawks. The position I played for the seahawks was tail back. The seahawks didn’t win a single game during the season, it was had to stay on the team because we hadn’t won a single game.
I started getting four calls a night from a coach, my mom finally answered the phone and the coach said,  that they wanted me to play on their team because he had seen how talented I was. I didn’t want to play for his team. My dad told me that he wanted me to give it a shot at playing for his team called the titans. The coach’ s name was Torris little, he was a good coach, he put me at the position of a running back. Our team won a game where i scored six touchdowns in one game, I was the only one who scored that game. Years later he died and all i could remember was playing for him and how he made me a better football player and person.
My mom busted in my room and said i had to go to a work out camp to get put on a different football team. That year i got drafted to Ohio State, my coaches were named Dave and Greg. We were the number two team in the league the number one team was Florida State. The seventh game of the season was against the number one team in the league, they beat us by one touchdown so we are now 7-1. the tournament had started and we won all the games. We now we’re at the super bowl against Florida State vs Ohio State my team won by one touchdown were champions.
that year I hurt my arm at the beginning of the year so i couldn’t go to the camp but I got put in the draft and got drafted to the steelers my coaches were Dave and greg we were the number one team in the league we went undefeated in our league. Coach Greg tested my faith when he said, “I didn’t deserve a trophy” but then he said, “he was testing my reaction to what he said.” I got picked to be on the jeff pride all star team where we practiced for weeks and then finally we played in e-town kentucky bowl.This I believe in you can play any sport your mind to and don’t let any coach tell you don’t deserve something.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019