4th of July  

It all starts when my friend dae’quana was like “let’s go to the downtown boom” now my  mom don’t really like me going places real late. So daequana mom tells my mom that she will be with us so i can go with all my friends. Soooo now my mom is letting me go i get to daes that morning. We was just sitting around until it is time to go, then amira and shyann comes over because there going to. We all start getting ready for the red white downtown boom, I have this off the shoulder shirt its white and some shorts on. We all get in the car to leave and my mom calls and talks to her mom so i’m like yeah i’m cool for the night wrong.

Her mom drop us off and we start walking towards it, we start seeing everybody like everybody and they momma goes to downtown boom. It’s nice like they have food and everything. But we trying to get to the front because who wants to be in the back? Nobody so we start pushing people not hard tho just light. Then i start to get hungry and i tell them like “yall im getting really hungry are you?” so they like “yeah” so we start walking to the food trucks its alot of food truck because of how many people be at the downtown boom.  

We finally get to the food trucks but the long is so freaking long for what i wanted, i wanted some cheese fries and lemonade but that line was too long. We start walking down more and we find a shorter line and were standing in it, then i see my ex anthony and he gets in line with  us we start talking and laughing. Meanwhile this line is taking forever so i just took his drink and we start walking back to the crowd.

So were just waiting for the fireworks to start while we are waiting ww start taking pictures and videos and stuff we see people we know and start taking pictures with them. Then the fireworks finally starts!!!!!!!!! It’s so beautiful them go for about 10 minutes i think then when there about to end they start going real fast the best part of them everybody loves that part. Everybody pulls out there phone to record that last part while that last part is going people start yelling like “YEAH”  

So by now its like maybe 10:30 pm now, So it’s like gangbangers there and start arguing about to fight then all these police come outta nowhere start handcuffing all them. Now remember there from different gangs that’s why they are arguing different gangs don’t get along unless they like family but that’s not likely . So everybody start walking to wear the cars can drive at everybody just waiting around for there ride, and i seen my cousins and all my old friends we all start talking to them and other people.

Then people start leaving so now it’s about 11 my mom’s calls me like “where the f are you” so im scared im like “we waiting for her mom” meanwhile she still haven’t even called her mom. So i’m like dae call your mom im not tryna get in trouble so she calls her mom but she didn’t answer. Then we see all these boys and girls start running so we start running with them. And These boys was about to fight so we wanna see so we followed them and they arguing we like yall finna fight or not, then the one dude like i got a gun so we all starting running away.  Then we start walking im feeling nervous because it’s getting really late and my mom will mad if she finds out i’m still out this late. So i tell daequana like can you call your mom and see if she is about to pick us up because you know my mom is going to be on butt which means she’s going to be calling me in a few i could feel it. She calls her mom but her mom aint answer so we thinking she fell asleep she calls her sister and her sister like mom sleep, so i’m like what the heck i gotta get back to the house i’m not trying to get trouble. So dae asks her sister if she can come get us and she says yes but were trying to figure out where is she going to pick us up from because the streets are so busy because of the event that just happen. We all start walking and we finally find somewhere she can pick us up from and we tell her she says she’s on her way. I end up turning my phone off so my mom don’t call asking where i’m at my mom ends up calling my friend amiras phone she answer an mind you it’s like 12 im only like 14 out this late. My mom yells at me and tells me to get home, so we waiting for her sister and like a hour passes.. This boy tayvion i know well we all know him he pulls up asking if we need a ride because we sitting on a corner waiting for her sister but we tell him no because we thinking her sister on her way so boom he leaves. So 30 minutes pass im like where is your sister bro, so i’m like just tell her dont come im about to get us a ride from somebody i know. I call tye my friend who we was pose to ride back with in the first place but i call him i’m like where you at can you come get us he like yeah so i’m feeling all goof like yeah i got us a ride ayy turn up. So he comes tell me why its like 3 boys in the car already and its 3 of us so i had to sit on my friend  lap and we just all lapping up in the car then we finally get to daequanas house. I call my mom i’m like yes mom she start yelling going off on me i’m like chill i was like i tried lying and saying i been home i had fell asleep but she didn’t believe so i had just told her the truth. Like mom basically we just got home because her mom fell asleep and we had to wait for our ride but she’s mad so she like you going home in the morning so now i’m just salty and i never got to go back over daequanas.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019