20 Spells

by Shelby Brunson

This is the First Chapter of the story. More will be put on later.

On a planet, light years away from Earth, named Abay lives kingdoms of shape shifters. The world is slowly turning on itself,with wars and plagues. One of the kingdoms wants to run from their little problem. So they look to the stars for a new planet or someone to make the world at peace again. Some want to take over the new planet and enslave all of the dominant beings on the planet. Others want to make the chosen one make their world better. They have found a planet that is perfect for both parties. The planet is called Earth and the chosen ones blood has being found somewhere on the planet.

The king of the shape shifters and his first son, Jonathan, wants to enslave the humans and take over the planet. But, the queen and their second son, Sebastian, want to ask the chosen one to save their planet. Before anyone can make a move there needs to be an agreement, so the king chooses to change Sebastian’s mind. The king asked Jonathan to take Sebastian to earth and show him that the human will not save their planet and it would be good to enslave the humans.

“No, it won’t change my mind. We should save our planet with the chosen one, and not enslave the humans to take over theirs.” Sebastian yells at his father. “You will change your mind when they kill you and cut you open. They will kills us all. For their labs and study us like rijs” The king yells back at his son. “Would you kill something that comes to your planet. Let’s not forget that it looks like it could kill everyone and everything in its way. I know that if I can get the chosen one to believe that we are good they could…”

“NO! Earthlings are not like us, they are not understanding. You know what, if you can bring back the pure chosen one alive and at least one other human that understands. Maybe, I will share the Earth with them. The one that understands can’t be afraid or they can not know the chosen one before hand.” The king laughs at his son and sends him away.

Sebastian walked away from his laughing father and went straight to the ship that his brother had set up for the trip. “So brother you can go to the sleep beds for the night.” Jonathan smirks at his little brother, who walks passed the control room. “Jonathan” The king’s face pops up on a screen before Jonathan. “I want you to kill the chosen one or make it to where they can’t find another human to bring back. I don’t care what you have to do you just stop him from coming back to this planet with the chosen one. I will give you who the chosen one is. First thing’s first it’s a women….

On Earth the same time.

I am sitting in the back or my great grandfathers SUV with my uncle Bart. My Nana and Papaw are sitting up front. “Faith are you still going to New York next week for that school open house?” Nana ask me after her favorite song stops play “Yes, I am and I would love to go without having a bad cough, Uncle Bart.” I smirk to the smoking man sitting next to me in the back seat. Everyone starts laughing and Uncle Bart takes another big breath of his cigarette. Then he blows it in my face. “Dad, what speed are you going at?” Bart asks papaw after everyone stops laughing “It says 70 but I think its off. Faith can you get to that bag in the back?”

I turn around and try to get it, but I can’t reach. “No, I can’t reach it.” Bart gets it and hands papaw the diet pepsi out of it. I stare out the window and all I can think is that I hate this. I have to stay down here because my parents don’t want me to stay home alone all break. I just wish something exciting would happen in my life because this is so boring.

I see a star flicker and I become sadder. Stars have a great life they are a ball of energy and one day when ever they decide to they can collapse on their self and become a black hole. They can take whatever they want and when they are full they can make a new star or do nothing.

The SUV starts shaking and move all around the road. “Papaw, what are you doing, you are going to kill us.” The SUV starts to drive off the road. The car goes over the edge and into a river beside the road.

“Nana, Papaw, Uncle Bart! My god, please someone answer me. Someone answer me! Ouch!” My ankle hurts really bad but I have to find Nana, Papaw, and my Uncle Bart. What happened? Why did that happen? The water in this river is freezing and my pants are soaking wet. Is that my Nana and Papaw on the grass? It is! Their breathing and just look like they are laying down for a breath. But where is my uncle? Is he still in the SUV or in the grass somewhere? When I walked over to the car to look inside there is a scream from behind me.

My Nana was staring at a man holding a knife to her face. He is a muscle man and has a handsome face. His hair is the color of the perfect brown I have ever seen. He doesn’t have a shirt on and there is a chiseled, toned stomach and chest there. His height is a little taller than me. I can’t see his eyes, but I don’t care. “Get away from her, Bastard!” I start throwing rocks at him but he just stands there waving the knife to her face. “I will not tell you again, GET AWAY FROM HER NOW!!!” I grab a really big rock and throw as hard as I can. The rock hits the side of his head and he stares at me with rage. He lightly joges straight for me with the knife pointed at me. I am frozen in fear as he starts to run at me with the knife in hand. I smash my eyes together preparing for the pain I was going to feel. Someone grabbed me from behind and my feet leave the ground. “STOP IT, RIGHT NOW, BROTHER! IF YOU COME ANY CLOSER I WILL TAKE YOUR HEAD OFF MYSELF!”

There is a strong voice from behind me and I am afraid to open my eyes. The voice sounds angry and scary, but these arm are soft and calm. I can hear something like three hearts beating. One sounds like it is pumping the wrong way. I feel the hands that hold me are tight but not too tight. I feel useless and could fall any second. “BROTHER, THAT HUMAN THREW STONES AT MY HEAD! I COULD HAVE BEEN KILLED. LOOK AT THIS BLOOD.” The voice was loud and made me freeze in fear. “I DON’T CARE WHAT SHE DID BUT YOU WILL NOT HURT HER.” This person is so nice and calm but sounds so angry.

I finally get the guts to open my eyes. I see a very handsome man holding me in his arms. He has eyes the color of the country sky on a clear day. His hair is the color of the movie star blonde. He looks down at me with a smile and I feel my cheeks getting hot by the second. “Can you walk? I am sorry Jonathan scared you. He won’t do it again.” The man says these nice words as he places me on the ground. The moment I put weight on my right foot I wince at the pain. I start to fall but the man catches me with worried eyes. I am in pain but his eyes start to make the pain slip away. “I think I broke my ankle in the crash but I will be fine you don’t have to carry me.” I try to muster all the confidence I have but, he just smiles at me. After a second or two he starts walking with me in his arms.

“Sebastian, PUT THAT HUMAN DOWN RIGHT NOW AND COME BACK HERE OR I’LL CUT THIS OLD WOMEN.” I practically jump out of Sebastian’s arms and face Jonathan. He had the knife to my nana’s throat and was smiling like a child who just got what they wanted. “What do you want with me? If you want to kill me then do it but don’t kill her she has done nothing to you!” I tried not to sound scared but I don’t think it worked. I was putting all my weight on my left foot, but it just made me unbalanced. Sebastian held me up so I would  fall over.

“Okay I will let the elder go but you have to know something. Do you know why me and him are the only two people who are at this crash.”

“Jonathan, Stop!” Sebastian was getting angry at Jonathan. But why? “Well doesn’t she have the right to know why. After you find out why you will be running away.” I start to get angry and he just smiles at me. “I don’t care why they are here but I will not leave anyone here for anything.”

He shrugs his shoulders and moves the hair from his face. Whatever he is going to say it better be good.“We are aliens and we have come to take your planet for ourselves and enslave all other humans.”

I start to laugh at him, but stop when Jonathan starts to grow brighter the more I look at him and his body changes into a non human like creature. He grows wings and he also gets 4 feet taller. His hair changes to a black color and grows down to his lower back. His skin turns into a red color. I blink a couple of times to see if it was real.

When I finally believe this is really happening I turn to Sebastian, but he just looks at me with sad eyes. “D…do…do you change, too?” He nods and seconds later he changes. He looks different than his brother. Jonathan has white wings, but Sebastian has black wings and horns. Sebastian skin is more a black color and his hair is a bright red color. Sebastian’s hair is longer, it goes to his knees and he has a scar on his eye and chest.

I like the sight in front of me. It is scary and confusing, but I can’t help but to make sure it is real. I reach out my hand to touch Sebastian’s scar but he moves away, more like flies away, from me. When he does I lose my balance and fall into the grass. I feel a stabbing pain in my left arm and yelp in pain. When I look at my arm there is blood coming from a big gash in my arm. I feel the start of tears and a hand grabs my shoulder. I feel another hand on my head and the ground spins. I can’t stay awake but I feel someone pick me up then I black out.

Jeffersonville High School, 2019