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Take a step into the Watermark, a creative website filled with short stories, poems, recipes, and blogs. All content was written and performed by students in Mr. Kimbell's creative writing class at Jeffersonville High School.

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Jaclynne is sprawled out on her bed constantly Snapping away and receiving texts from Tahj. Texts that say I love you, come over. And she receives texts from Demitri…

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By Kaitlynn Ewing    The door shut with a click behind Petunia. She could still hear them arguing from behind the door, so she ran. Her feet stomped across…

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Stage Fright

By Morgan Franklin Megan teachers started mentioning her in class, which would make her get so nervous she would get on the floor under her desk. The teacher could…

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by Shaun   Most of the sounds outside don’t usually bother me. I could sit in there and smoke all the cigarettes I wanted and drink all the beer…

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The Battle

By: Keonna Collins As the doctor entered the room I knew what was going to come out of his mouth was nothing but bad news. He sat down on…

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A Life Living With Powers

By Kiley Price It’s morning and as i’m getting ready for school I hear my drunk step dad pounding on my bedroom door. I turn my camera on and…

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The Generation Project

By: Cameron Walker   A blinding light blared above my face that made it impossible to open my eyes without squinting. The atmosphere around my body was freezing, especially…

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  By Emili Croft Then one day, he left the door unlocked when he went to work. I knew this was my one and only chance. So, I ran.…

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The Fire

By:Kennedie Hudson   It’s the start of the new school year. I was behind and was supposed to get held back because of the fire but I did summer…

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The Desk

By:Brandon Delgado   I didn’t want my life to end like this, so soon, so alone. If only I hadn’t taken that desk. If only I had known what…

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