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Take a step into the Watermark, a creative website filled with short stories, poems, recipes, and blogs. All content was written and performed by students in Mr. Kimbell's creative writing class at Jeffersonville High School.

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It was a cold and dark Tunnel Covered in graffiti and Full of spiders With echoes coming from the cities water drains No one to be seen just me…

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If my leg was broken ..

Maybe if my leg was broken or I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness they would have cared more. It seems that mental illness does not have a…

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Emma and Daniel

 There was a girl named Emma who had just turned 13 years old when her life started falling apart, her parents were splitting up over some things her father…

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Independence Day of 1911 Going home

“Belle, are you ready to go?” My father asked. We were all ready to go to the parade. “Yes father!” I yelled back, standing in the living room. I…

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Heart of a viking

By: David Orr     The heat of the sun that burns so bright,   Heat waves appearing all over,   Nearly winter it seems there is no break,…

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The Flood

Our house was flooding I couldn’t find my mom I found her body, she was dead She had drowned I made my way through the water, I was exhausted…

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A Friend

  Hurt and laying in blood Broken glass surrounds Memories start to flood People standing all around   I get to my feet Feeling lighter than before On this…

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Return of Mischief

David Orr,     In the beginning the earth was made after endless time spent in nothingness, Ymir the Ice Giant killed by Odin and other gods, using his…

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The Green Threat

Tucked away in the dense forests, where the air whistled around the trees in a virgin harmony and the water flowed through the streams like that of blood through…

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The Tunnel

It was a cold and dark Tunnel Covered in graffiti and Full of spiders With echoes coming from the cities water drains No one to be seen just me…

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This Tree

This Tree Written By: Katie Case   This tree It sits alone, but is alive Isolated, but happy And green Beautiful But quite old   This tree Becomes tainted…

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By: Brooklyn Parish   The darkness, the darkness that has no light, the darkness that seems to have no end,   I can feel myself being dragged deeper into…

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Ramiah hamilton I Go outside The air flow through my hair Smiling,breathing in,and closed my eyes  I felt free like the grass on the ground When I  was outside…

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Little Written By: Katie Case The days of a cloud are very limited to be lonely. You pop up into existence rather quickly and you have to “unite” with…

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The court

Ramiah Hamilton  8/22/19                                                      …

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Demon Killer

By: Brooklyn Parish   In this world there are three different types of beings. They are humans, magic users, and demons. Humans and magic users lived in harmony while…

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The Boy, the Shed, and the Man

In a town in the middle of Tennessee, living in a duplex building, there lives a single mother with two kids. The mothers dad recently died, but the body…

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