Fall 2016

Take a step into the Watermark, a creative website filled with short stories, poems, recipes, and blogs. All content was written and performed by students in Mr. Kimbell's creative writing class at Jeffersonville High School.

  • That’s a Gravvy!

    This action-packed 8-bit-themed song was produced by Dominic Zelli. Bryan Taylor contributed the vocals and sound effects that drive the narrative. Raven Lerit created the album art.

  • A Brave New World

    The sun bathed the land in its warm, radiant glow. The trees greeted the whirlwind of children below who scampered towards the cake sat on the park bench. The birds sounded off like a firing squad with their high pitched yells...

  • Short Poems of Daily Life

    Poems over photographs from daily life

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The Mix Up

Edited by Tymontheius Brown & Camry Joiner   The Mix Up Black cotton, I’m plottin’ on what they owe me I’m working’ without a profit they shacklin’ all my…

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God & Love

by Tempestt Hill click here to see my poem slideshow.  

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Quarter Thoughts

by Tymontheius Brown If my cousin could really look down on me and smile on me Why do I feel so lonely in the biggest crowds homie Every time I…

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Boohoo Debates

by Aspen Nichols & Autumn Nifong Story Number 1: The orange man who was an angry baby    In the midst of his simple-minded election in 2016, Angry Baby…

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Photography: Lights and Landscapes

by Christina Willis

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Podcast: Readings and Recitations

by Leandrea Wright, Mackenzie Coats, and Alexander Chinn   Check out our newest edition of our radio show, where we recite four poetic classics  

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by Kelsey South I struggle to get the lid off the jar A clear pop sounds Signifying the opening of a new container I pulled a pickle from the…

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Everyone Likes Cheese, My Dudes

by Christina Willis   Cheese is great. Cheese goes on sandwiches. You can have some on a plate. It is good as it is.   You can shred cheese.…

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Love is Many Things

by Alex Chinn   Love is full of many things You never know when you may cling It can start in many ways It can also end in a…

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Peanut Butter

by Mackenzie Coats   Thick like mud, the peanut butter I eat sticks to the roof of my mouth   The crackers I have   with the sludge crumble,…

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A Peek Into My Life

by Camry Joiner   Hi my name is Camry Ì call my bestfriend at my job Ambee Bambi Working is my favorite thing to do But  Ì dislike the…

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I Love You

by Leandrea Wright           Even when i really hate you Even more than the color blue   I love  certain watching shows But only the…

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The Adjustment

by Tempestt Hill   Everyone’s friendly at first, and treat you so kind. But everyone’s not trustworthy, well at least in my mind. Searching for an imperfection, only to…

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Profiles for our student contributors.

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