Spring 2017

Take a step into the Watermark, a creative website filled with short stories, poems, recipes, and blogs. All content was written and performed by students in Mr. Kimbell's creative writing class at Jeffersonville High School.

  • That’s a Gravvy!

    This action-packed 8-bit-themed song was produced by Dominic Zelli. Bryan Taylor contributed the vocals and sound effects that drive the narrative. Raven Lerit created the album art.

  • A Brave New World

    The sun bathed the land in its warm, radiant glow. The trees greeted the whirlwind of children below who scampered towards the cake sat on the park bench. The birds sounded off like a firing squad with their high pitched yells...

  • Short Poems of Daily Life

    Poems over photographs from daily life

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Red, White, and Blue Warrior

Hear the  bells jingle softly A beautiful smile appears as he walks into the room As he leans on his walker the posture of the soldier remains Wrinkles over…

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The People I Aspire to Be

By: Faith Lowe I have my mother’s selfless blonde hair And my father’s intelligent brown eyes I am told that I look like them Which I hold with great…

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by: Jade Keith Leo He hates those spiral curls Looking over with those greenish blue eyes his tattoo on his right forearm A clock, a rose, and a bird…

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The Nightmare

By Greta Reel I run through endless dark Branches scratch, draw blood Grunts and growls and snarls The Bigfoot monster   Follows me close behind   Blood tastes rusty,…

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Masters at Work

Profiles for our student contributors.

Jeffersonville High School, 2016